GAVI Praises Efficient Vaccine Response in India

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GAVI Praises Efficient Vaccine Response in India

Commenting on the reason for India’s success in reaching a billion vaccinations, Deputy GAVI CEO Anuradha Gupta remarked that India has a huge advantage coming out of systematic investments that have been made in strengthening public health systems since 2005, under the National Health Mission, previously National Rural Health Mission. The one million ASHAs (Accredited Social Health Activists) on the ground, the Anganwadi workers, the ANMs (Auxiliary Nurse Midwives), and the health infrastructure really reaching out almost to the last mile, gave India the strength to very quickly mobilise millions of health workers to carry out this ambitious drive.

Past investments in supply chain — cold chain equipment, vaccine transportation, vaccine storage, trained manpower, supervision ability — came in very handy in mounting a vaccination response at this scale.

Vaccination happens when three Vs come together: the vaccine, the vaccinator, and the vaccinee. In India’s case, we saw the vaccine, meaning the vaccine production and the logistics; the vaccinator, meaning the entire health workforce and its capability to deliver that vaccination; and the vaccinee, meaning the public confidence, built through the intense communication campaign, come together to make this drive a success.

(Source: The Hindu, 2021)

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